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Liftgate Me sells new and used liftgates with options for installation at one of our many diesel fleet shop partners.

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Have a Thieman tail gate?  Great!  Let us helpThieman LiftGate you find your next replacement part.  From aluminum platforms and motors, to switches and screws, we have it all at the best prices around.

How do you get thesthieman pickup liftgate_tt12e great offers?  It’s Simple!  Just type in the OEM item number in the search box above and select your part.  We strive for the best prices possible for our family of customers.

Don’t know what item number you’re looking for?  That’s okay; give us a call and we can help you.  You may also use the original parts manual for your gate or contact the manufacturer directly for more information.

We are a full line distributor of nearly every lift gate manufacturer used in the United States.  This allows us to resolve problems faced by companies with a fleet of diverse gates or mechanics who constantly work on different products.

Let us help lift your business to the next level.

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Thieman - 27091-002
Product ID : 27091-002
Thieman - 31213-002
Product ID : 31213-002
Thieman - 43011-002
Product ID : 43011-002
Thieman - 3103142
Product ID : 3103142
Thieman - 3107140
Product ID : 3107140
Thieman - 3108980
Product ID : 3108980
Thieman - 3109140
Product ID : 3109140
Thieman - 31155-002
Product ID : 31155-002
Thieman - 31227
Product ID : 31227
Thieman - 31357-001
Product ID : 31357-001
Thieman - 31357-002
Product ID : 31357-002